London, Cornwall and the Kennet & Avon Canal
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Day 1 - SFO to LHR
Getting from Concord, CA. to SFO Airport, from SFO to LHR,
and from Heathrow to our first night in London. Our first glimpse of the Stylotel - look out for those sharp chairs in the breakfast room.
Day 2 - London to Froxfield
From London to Hungerford on a race day, where we meet the crew of the Canal Narrowboats Dawn & Dusk - Bill, Marge, Shaun and Jonathan.
Day 3 - Dawn & Dusk
Our first full day on Dawn & Dusk, visiting the Crofton Beam Engines, watching Briitsh Waterway repair a lock, going thru the Bruce Tunnel and our scary mooring near Pewsey Wharf.
Day 4 - Kennet & Avon Canal
We head towards the Caen Hill flight of locks, kick back for the long pound and walk a lot of towpath. We narrowly avoid the locked locks, visit the Kennet & Avon Museum, see a bit of Devizes and meet Phil at dinner in Seend.
Day 5 - Devizes Flight. Oops, No it's Bath... No,Wait! It's Caen Hill
When the Caen Hill Flight closes, we head out to visit Bath instead. Until the bat-phone rings (vibrates?) just before we board a train and so we rush back to Devizes. We make it, but just in the nick of time before the locks close again. Talk about cutting it close.
Day 6 - Bradford to Bath to London
After a good dose of sunscreen and a solid nap we arrive in Bath, do a bit of sight seeing, say our fond farewells to Dawn & Dusk and crew, and make our way back to London and Scala House.
Day 7 - London, The British Museum and Dinner with Friends
We set off to explore the British Museum and then meet our friends for drinks and a big Italian dinner while trying to survive the sauna they call London
Day 8 - Around London, Shopping at Harrods & London Walks
The kids went out to see the sights of London but we didn't do as much. Caught up on some paperwork and email and then took an evening pub walk which ended up being nealry 4 hours long.
Day 9 - Wasps at the London Transport Museum Depot
Today was one that we'd been looking forward to. We'd always wanted to see the London Transport Museum, and this time we promised we wouldn't let anything stop us. Then we found out they were closed for a refurb. Luckily we found the Depot Tour was the one weekend we could make it, and were able to book it just before it sold out.
Day 10 - The Party Splits & Off We Go to Truro
Time for us to split into two groups. The Fricks head for Italy and we grab a train to stay at The Fieldings in Truro. From here on out its just Kel, Len and Carissa sightseeing thru parts of Cornwall and attempting to find an evening meal.
Day 11 - Southwest Cornish Coat and St. Michaels Mount
We start off from Fieldings and visit St. Agnes Head, St. Michaels Mount, Lunch in Penzance, Land's End, Minack Theatre, some standing Standing Stones, several other places and finally have dinner at The Heron Inn
Day 12 - Northwest Cornish Coast, Boscatle, Tintagel and Lanhydrock
We start off heading thru the areas rumoured to be King Arthurs old stomping grounds, see tacky hotels, little churches, pretty streets thronged with tourists in Padstow where we stopped for lunch. For the afternoon we introduce Carissa to the joys of a cream tea at Lanhydrock and view examples of Cornish industry at Delabole slate quarry and an English China Clay pit before dinner at the Pandora Inn.
Day 13 - Back to London Again
This was one EXCITING day! Well, no, not really. We spent four and a half hours on a train taking pictures out the window. And once we reached London we packed, shopped for keychains and fridge magnets for everyone at home. And ate of course. Whoopie.
Day 14 - Home Again
If you thought yesterday was thrilling you'll love this entry. We sit in duty free for a long time, then on a plane for a longer time, and then a bart train for a time.

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