Index of the UK Tour

Mar. 23th

Day 1

SFO to London - In Transit

Mar. 24th

Day 2

Arrival in London

Mar. 25th

Day 3

London to Ipswich

Mar. 26th

Day 4

Shotley Gate and the Time Change

Mar. 27th

Day 5

Ipswich Town Centre

Mar. 28th

Day 6

Salisbury and Stonehenge

Mar. 29th

Day 7

The Shotley Gate/London Commute

Mar. 30th

Day 8

Another Long Shotley Gate/London Commute

Mar. 31st

Day 9

Our Last Day in Ipswich

Apr. 1st

Day 10

Ipswich to York

Apr. 2nd

Day 11

York City Walls

Apr. 3rd

Day 12

The Yorkminster

Apr. 4th

Day 13

York to Edinburgh

Apr. 5th

Day 14


Apr. 6th

Day 15

Inverness & the Monster

Apr. 7th

Day 16

Edinburgh to London

Apr. 8th

Day 17

London & Hampstead Heath

Apr. 9th

Day 18


Apr. 10th

Day 19

Bath Time!

Apr. 11th

Day 20

The National Galleries

Apr. 12th

Day 21

The Ibis and London Heathrow Airport

Apr. 13th

Day 22

San Francisco Airport and HOME!

Links to places we used in planning and booking this trip

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Thats it for this trip, I've htmled it all. Only took 10 months!

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