Thurs. Mar. 30th, 2000 Shotley Gate to London commute

9C/48F Dry, cloudy

Len and Kel

Got up earlier today and did another load of laundry. We let it go while we were gone though.

Went in on the 9:43 bus to Ipswich, then into London by train. Bought one hour each at the Easy Everything Internet place we went to yesterday. Then we went to the British Museum. Saw lots of stuff including a bunch of medieval stuff, Greek stuff & Egyptian stuff. (They have a lot of "stuff" it would appear -Ke). Rosetta Stone

They also had a display of time pieces. An entire room of clocks! Big clocks, huge clocks, old clocks and watches. The best one would require ceiling modificatons in order to install...

One really cool thing was to see that the Rosetta Stone is now in a glass case! Not only was it out in the open last time, but we touched it! No more of that. They are still doing a bunch of construction making their new courtyard thingy.

Got home on the 16:00 train, managing to meet Matt on the bus when we boarded at the train station for once. Whereupon he promptly announces he has decided Len has the cuter accent. "It's more lilting". (His response was 'but which of my accents?') The Tourista Pub

Popped off to the Tourista Pub (Bristol Arms)
for a pint and to see if they had ANY Shotley Gate souveniers amongst all the junk they have scattered about for sale. No such luck. Then home to wave some food.

We watched the news all evening, looking for some word of what was happening at the Orwell Bridge Orwell Bridge. When we went in there were tons of police, cameras, tents, plastic sheeting, trucks and spectators all over the same place we saw on Sunday. Specualtion on the bus was that the body had washed up from the "false" jumper report. They were all still there several hours later when we came home. (In fact they were all there for several days) I'd assumed it was the jumper when we went in, but Matt thinks it seems a bit much for just a body washed up, more of what you'd see for a murder investigation. But after 8 news shows, we've still no idea what it might have been. His thought is that the media are holding off reporting it at police request. Matt

Matt has _promised_ to let us know if he ever hears.

The 3 of us played Risk again. I won again. When Matt was going thru another box of Bab5 cards he discovered a 2nd signed Claudia card, and a 3rd Scott Adams card. We've offered to take one back with us and see if we can get Scott Adams to sign it for him. He's given us all three and asked if we could get 2 signed for him (one is from a more valuable edition) and we can keep the 3rd ourselves.

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