Mar. 24th, 2000 - London

21 C/70 F degrees and partly cloudy but more sun than we saw the entire 2 weeks last time.


Landed on time at 10:15ish. No room at Heathrow for us, so they parked the plane in the boondocks and bussed us to terminal 3. Got thru customs fine and reclaimed our very heavy luggage. Looking forward to seeing Matt to lighten the load!

Went over and caught the Heathrow Express. Just as nice as before. We got to See Len waving Paddington in 15 mins. Once there we decided to take a breather and get our bearings. So far we're not feeling as loopy as we did last time. Bought a coke and some postcards. Lugged our stuff down to the underground. One escalator trip down, then 1 1/2 flights of stairs up, then 1 1/2 down. *Really* looking forward to seeing Matt. 2 one-way tix to the Bayswater station was 3. And only one station away :).

From there one flight up then about 2 blocks away to the Grand Plaza Hotel.. Check in was at 2pm, but they let us in at 1:00 with no problem. We're on the 5th floor (6th in US floor count) and due to some confusing signage we took a tour of Nice View the hotel trying to find the lift. Narrow halls!. Some steps and 2 lifts later we find our room - 2 doors down from the lift leading to the lobby. :) Room is Quaint. Nice view of a similar building across the street and a church spire.

Went out and bought more postcards, then popped out to the Rat and Parrot for a few pints and to write them. Nice place. We got back to the room around 7pm. Watched TV then fell asleep around 8pm. (Ke notes BBC News talked about the Oxford Cambridge boat race on Sat. which we'll miss. More importantly we're going to miss the millennium PoohSticks competition on Sat. as well. Bummer! The 8 inch step into the shower was expected, but the 1/2 step into the bathroom caught both of us. Not expected was the broken shower sliding glass door that fell on me and nearly smashed into a million bits, nor the toilet taking a noisy 28 mins. to fill. Ah yes, British plumbing at it's finest! Boy, are we bruised and sore from carrying our heavy bags - Can't wait to see Matt!)

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