Monday Mar. 27th. Shotley Gate/Ipswich and groceries.

10 C/ 50 F partly cloudy, showers.


Woke up about 8 or 8:30. Matt had very quietly snuck out to work. Today was grocery day and browse thru Ipswich when-it's-open-day. The Town Centre is much busier during the week. Some sun, some rain, some chill, the usual English weather. Popped into Sainsburys to take a run to see what sort of foodstuffs we could find for dinner. We were in luck, we could get pretty close to everything we needed. Decided we'd come back and buy it just before we left for the bus, that way Matt could help find anything we couldn't. The Service Entrance

Saw a flat
in Matt's building advertised for 32,500. Did some window shopping and went thru the malls and shops that looked interesting yesterday. Had lunch in a pub somewhere downtown. Checked out the museum but it was closed on Mondays, typical. Wanted to sit in the sun somewhere and read, but everytime we found a nice spot it would cloud over and start raining.

At that point we went back to Sainsburys a bit early to escape the cold. Found everything we needed except the italian sausage. Len was able to find a Meat Market small butcher shop that carried them though. They also carried vegetarian and Plough & Sainsburys regular haggis. So bags in hand (the grocery checkers here had chairs to sit in, instead of having to stand all day) we plopped down at "The Plough", a pub on the corner next to the bus centre until it was time to catch the bus home.

Met Matt at the bus centre and as soon as we got home we started in cookin' all the fixin's for spaghetti dinner - Italian sausage, minced (ground) beef, and everything for a good green salad (we planned better this time. Rather than relying that we could find dressing we brought our own.[Sainsburys did have a choice of 2]

To be fair, Matt did eat the required 2 bites of the salad, but still couldn't deal with the concept. He did eat the sauce and the tortellini and said he liked it. (Though he also said he liked garlic, but his workmates didn't..;) Finally Clean

We watched the second Eddie Izzard tape while we were eating and cooking and then spent the next hour trying to clean up all the tomato splatters.. tried the Bass Shandy I bought and read a bit before dozing off.

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