Wednesday Mar. 29th, 2000 Shotley Gate and London and Risk

7C/44F windy,hardly any rain.


Woke up late today, about 8:45. Planned to hit the British Museum today... didn't happen :) Decided to do a bit of laundry as we were running quite low. Forgot to ask Matt so we didn't want to just start the washer and leave it for him to deal with when he got home. We hoped it'd be done in time to catch the 10:43 bus but the washer is weird. Numbers from 1-14 with various fabric descriptions, etc. It got done about 10:30 and we scrambled to hang it all up. Missed the 10:43 by 2 minutes. D'oh! Back to the flat to read til the 11:43 which we made just fine. Bus, walk, train, underground and we get to Tottenham Court Rd. station about 1:30pm. Bit late to spend much time in the museum.

So we found an internet cafe with 500 terminals at 1 for 1/2 an hour. There was a problem with my cron that needed fixing, which ate up most of my time. We'll purchase an hour tomorrow.

Walked around a bit then took the tube over to Bayswater. Went around looking for (and eventually buying) a new "walkaround" bag for all the junk we like to carry with us. Only 5 for a pretty decent bag with lots of zipper and velcro pockets. Rail Station

Back to the tube and on to Liverpool Street Station
and our 4:15 train to Ipswich (it was either that train or wait for the 8:20. The bus to Shotley Gate runs pretty close to hourly until about 6pm, then the next is 10pm, and it's a long wait if you miss it.) Oops, forgot we also validated our 4 day tube passes today. I think those Visitor Travelcards were the best thing we bought. We sure got our money's worth out of them.

Matt & Len Train, walk, walk, walk, grocery store, bus, flat. Got back there about 6:50. No one felt like nuking food, so we went over to the Shipwreck to eat. I had gammon, which we discovered is ham! Despite that fact it was quite good. Kel (and by default me) had the steak, ale, and mushroom pie. Yummy. Matt had the Shipwreck grill which I got none of ;)

After a FREEZING walk home we destroyed Matt twice playing Risk.... Boy, have they changed the rules! Got to bed by 1am.

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