Thursday Mar. 23, 2000 - In transit

25 C/78 F degrees and sunny


Shuttle picked us up slightly early at 12:15. We scurried with last minute stuff, then hopped on board. It was tricky, but we were able to find room to pack all 16 HEAVY boxes of Bab5 and Star Trek trading cards for Matt and Ade at last.

Arrived SFO at 1:35 and had a last bite of Mexican food. Boarded flight 20 at about 3:45. Virgin Atlantic is nice. Lots of loot in our little bags. Ear plugs, toothbrush and paste, socks, etc. Lava lamp going on the personal video screens. Virgin still uses metal silverware, AND it's stamped Virgin Atlantic on the back. The little teaspoons are so cute!

Took off on time, no trouble at all. Uneventful flight. Economy gives you no room for legs, but we're used to that. I watched 3 movies - Sleepy Hollow: Ok, Moonstruck: great, and Inspector Gadget: yawn. Also played Super Mario. Kel started to watch a movie but decided to pull out her cd player instead and try to nap. Got about 2 hours sleep, enough to demark the day.

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