Day 16 Sun. Nov. 8

50F, Calmer seas but COLD!. It felt much colder today.


Woke up, got dressed and (oddly enough) went to smoke and coffee in the Pavillion. Talked to a guy from CA/OR border who had been a dealer in Vegas. Had breakfast in the Mauritania. (Eggs B again). After breakfast we relaxed a bit in the Yacht Club Lounge, then sat in on a napkin folder demo/lecture.

After that we decided to attend a talk with the ships navigator where we learned that the storm we went thru had Force 10 gale winds, produced at least 3 40' waves, several 30 footers, and had swept awat the ships fog whistle from the bow! He performed a miraculous catch when his $10,000 sextant slid off the table. (Grabbed it about 2" from crashing onto the floor). About 1/2 way thru his talk (around 11:30) we passed Cape Race in Newfoundland. We we're in one of those listing phases so it was hard to see for about 15 mins.

Then lunch in the Mauritania again. After lunch we took the camera and Harold on walkabout. Got some good shots of him in deck chairs, the lounge, etc. Took in the matinee movie Ever After, not bad. Then did a bit of shopping.... maybe the shopping was first. Got dressed for dinner.

Tonight was Beef Wellington and the Baked Alaska Parade. Don't listen to Kel, my first Wellie wasn't cooked right so I sent the empty plater back and demanded another.(Yeah, right -k) They had the place all decked out with flags and about 7:30 lowered the lights and did the big flaming baked Alaska parade for dessert. Yummy.

Had a few drinks at the pub and tried to think of something to do. Came up short so we went back to the cabin. The taped lecture from the Concorde pilot put us right out.

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