Day 15 Sat. Nov. 7

48 F, A little quieter, but windy and drizzly

. (Len)

QE2 @ night Up early again, had coffee in the Pavilion where a burial at sea/scattering of ashes was being done. We covered our coffees. Had breakfast at the buffet in the Lido, then a smoke and a crossword outside the theater. Took the Cunard Heritage Tour. It was fairly interesting except for the woman who'd been on this ship a thousand times interrupting. Saw all the various memorabilia onboard. Then off to lunch.

Lines at the Lido were long, so we headed to the Mauritania. I had a lackluster salad (never thought I'd miss Sizzler) and a pretty good burger with brie. Kels lunch sucked. The halibut appetizer wasn't very fresh and the cod entree was overcooked. Her pineapple parfait was still a frozen block of solid ice. Went and saw The Negotiator at 2pm. It was pretty good. Decided to skip the Mauritania for dinner and watch "6 Days 7 Nights" instead. It was only OK. Hit the Lido Buffet for dinner. It wasn't set up very well. Individualized pasta sauce making is a great idea, but it holds up a buffet line like nothing else!

We finished by about 8:30 and didn't want to go to sleep yet so we walked around looking for trouble. The onboard casino has no nickle slots :( At 9pm we went back to the cabin anyway. Too much old-people entertainment. They need a video game room. : ) We read, watched TV, etc until about 10:30 and then decided to call it a day.

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