Day 17 Mon. Nov. 9

53F, A bit warmed and still seas. VERY glassy!


Woke up too early again! (These 4:30/5:30 mornings have GOT to stop! -k) Followed our usual routine of coffee and a smoke at the Pavillion. Sat with the Vegas dude again (never did get his name) and shot the shit with him for a while until breakfast in the Mauritania. Had waffles, french toast, and then omelettes.

Smooth as glass We then went back to repack our suitcases so we'd be all ready to set the big ones out in the corridor by 6pm. That killed an hour or so. That done we popped up to the Yacht Club to read, sew, and once 11am rolled around have G&T's. Stayed there until lunch time then we went to the Lido Buffet.

Had gnocci. Hit the pub, then listened to talk by the social director on surviving America for first time visitors. 75% of the audience were Americans looking for the good dirt. It was amusing. We skedaddled before the kids talent show got started to go shopping again.

It was about this time we'd decided to keep Harold, so we had to buy Adri something else ;)

Harold also enjoys the Yacht Club Lounge Then back to the Yacht Club for a bit before going back to the cabin to finish packing and dress for dinner. Put out the 2 biggest luggages and off to din-din. Oops, we're so good at" dressing for dinner" now, it was too early, so we had to stop at the Yacht Club for a Guinness and a Baileys Coffee. (Can you tell Len was feeling much better by this point? -k)

Welcome to America menu. Had turkey and Kel had a big KC steak (so did I). Had a smoke in the pub and caught "Something About Mary" in the theater. Pretty good, but over hyped. The end credits were worth the price of admission tho (had we paid, that is) Back to the Golden Lion pub for a night cap (Guinness and a G&T), then after procuring a handful of QE2 swizzle sticks, called it a night.

Watched the debarkation briefing on the telly then lights out about 11:30 (with another clock change).

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