Day 14 Fri.. (Friday is Rock and Roll day) Nov. 6

50 F, winds at 45 -50 knots. A little sun and a lot of pitch and roll

. (Kel)

Decided that after morning coffee we'd have a light breakfast at the Lido Buffet this time. Our "light" breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon (2 kinds, American and British), 2 kinds of sausage, mushrooms, toast, jam, the inevitable tomato, beans, fruit and melon, cereal, hash, pancakes(we skipped those), juice and coffee. We did a bit more exploring to work off that light breakfast. The stairwells and lifts are very Rubiks Cube in layout at times. It's leftover from the old class system that was in use on the boat until 1987. Wouldn't want the rabble to have access to the quality people, would you? We were at about a 30 degree starboard list all morning. Thank god for the pills, Len was a happy camper all day, unlike the unfortunate souls we encountered in the stairway and the hospital.

A Biggish wave on the QE2 We hit the laundry room early today and were able to grab the last machine. Changed the loads after breakfast and then played the immigration roundup. Our passports duly stamped and cleared we popped back to get the whites into the dryer. Though about seeing what games they had in the computer center, but there was a word processing lecture going on so we went back to our spot in the pavilion for some tea and a cone or two of frozen yoghurt. (There really is nothing to do but eat all day)

It was now getting really rough. At one point the tables and chairs started to slide and then all of a sudden they flipped over and went flying! Ashtrays, cups, people and tables all landed in a heap on the starboard side of the room. After that they closed the bar and buffet there and everyone had to lunch in the restaurants. (I heard later that the restaurants started running out of food for everyone. It was apparently a madhouse) Things kept flying about all day. Feeling the deck plates outside the lift pop down 2" and then back up a few moments later was interesting. Just like the safety seal on a babyfood jar, only bigger! As I'd broken the black pumps, the only shoes I had left were the 6" spike heels. That made walking interesting when we rolled. The halls looked much like an Aha video, or the scene in Altered States.

We read and relaxed until tea time (the Lido did open for that) and then went to dress for dinner and the Captains Cocktail party. Got our pictures taken again. After dinner we went back to the room to change out of the formal attire (a mistake we later found) and went to the movie theatre to watch Mercury Rising. Nothing feels more awkward that being the only people NOT in tuxedos whilst watching a movie..;) It was actually film, not video, and wide screen! Sat in the lounge for a while, watched a bit of Titanic and went to sleep. Woke in the middle of the night when another 40 footer hit us to the sounds of glass shattering in the next cabin a few times. Len slept thru that. It was quite rough and we were glad of the lee boards. There's no question that we're at sea now! ;)

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