Day 13 Thurs. (they all start to look alike) Nov. 5

57 F,Cool, some drizzle plenty of wind


Woke up @5:30 QE2 time and tried to find something to do. Breakfast isn't until 8, but they serve coffee, tea and rolls in the Pavilion, which is aft overlooking the pool and jacuzzis. During the pre breakfast hours it's pretty crowded, but the rest of the day its a nice place to sit and watch the water (if you can handle the movement). Walked around and did a bit more exploring and looking out. Few forays onto deck as the wind is so strong. The upper sun deck has been closed due to winds.

Had our breakfast in the Mauritania Restaurant. Eggs Benedict which was nummy, but horribly slow. Spent more time in the pavilion doing cross stitch and crosswords. We decided crosswords and the heavy rolling didn't mix well, so we only did one or two. The motion really started to pick up once we rounded Cornwall and out into the Atlantic. We were beginning to get horrible bored so we went to check out the laundry room again. Still all full up. Decided we'd take a little nap as we'd been up so early.

Then popped into the Lido for afternoon tea. The little salmon sandwich triangles (with the crusts cut off) were a big hit with Len, though he did try a cucumber one for forms sake..;) After tea we went back to the cabin to change for dinner. At this point the heavy motion was starting to catch up with Len and he concluded the lobster bisque (though very good) was a bit much and went off in search of tummy tablets. As it was getting rough, I was starving, so I stayed to finish dinner. It took 45 mins for my entree to arrive! and Ralph, a nice British gentleman at the next table said I should join them next time, rather than dine alone. (We later learned he was a gig..uh.. gentleman host for solo female passengers. They're not paid, but the trip is free)

Dressed for Dinner again The offer was sweet, though the thought of having to sit with the piano repairmen would be enough to put ME off my food.

Got back to the cabin to find Len much improved. Orla (our stewardess) had made up the beds and had Harold on my bunk reading the Daily Programme. We popped up to the Pavilion for a quick smoke and decided to retire early (after setting our clocks back an hour, of course)

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