Day 12 Wed. Nov. 4

55 F,Cool, but dry until afternoon


Didn't do much today... Had breakfast in the conservatory of the Granby Manor with 2 fellow QE2 passengers, Don & Jean from Minn. Reorganized our bags and dressed up fairly nicely in preparation for boarding (mustn't LOOK like steerage!). Took a cab to the QE2 dock at about 10:30. They were in the process of disgorging passengers from the last sailing so it was rather zoolike. There was no place to stash luggage and check in wasn't until noon so we sat in the waiting area. No buses came down this far and Kel needed to do some of our laundry in town, so she took a cab into the bus stop to meet Matt and I stayed to watch the luggage. They began loading bags about 11:15 so I dumped the luggage and moved to the "Departing" check in area. Boarding the QE2 in Southampton

At noon I tried to check in, but they needed Kel there so I sat back down with Don (his wife Jean had gone back into town as well). Kel returned about 3. Her shoe came apart while in town, but they'd patched it with superglue and staples. Checked in and boarded about 3:30. Looked over the cabin; small with bunkbeds but lotsa closet space and a nice bathroom.

Had coffee and sweets at the Lido then did the "Muster Drill" at 4:30. Hit the pub for a drink before dinner. At 6:15 we went to dinner. Pretty good aside from Kels salad.. just olive oil instead of dressing. We both had the steak. Yum! Dinner lasted until 8! Did a bit of exploring, found the radio room for email, but it was all full up right then. Popped down and found the laundry room (but it was all full up just then) , then up for another drink. Tried back at the Radio Room again and this time were able to email. Sent a message to everyone. Getting pretty tired by then so we went back to the cabin, watched a bit of TV, set our clocks back an hour and went to sleep.

Got VERY warm in the cabin overnight. When Kel complains about being too warm in Nov., you _know_ it's too warm.

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