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Another Friday Night, Another Movie

It's just another Friday night at the old FBR homestead. So what do we do? Sit around in the hot tub and watch movies on the screen in the backyard. Aran had a new video projector so we had to try it out. A little fine tuning is needed still, as the picture was only about 5 foot across. But for the 7 of us([pictured: -Tweek, Adri, Aran], [not pictured: Matt, Chris, Len and I]), it was enough. The movie? Nightmare before Christmas, can't you tell? But don't worry. Aran decided he didn't need the old Epson projector now, so guess what I got as a birthday gift? We should be able to have all the bugs worked out by Labour Day.

It was also decided that having the soda machine on the patio dispense Guinness for a nickle was pretty cool too.

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