Day 4 Tues. Oct. 27

59 F, a little sun, a few downpours and some good winds


All day in Dublin. Started with a Full Irish Breakfast with Black Pudding, some sort of a liver sausage, egg, bacon, beans, toast, mushrooms and the obligatory 1/2 tomato.

St. Pats Cathedral Walked down to the TIC/Bus stop and took the GreyLine Hop On/Hop Off tour. Took the bus all the way around once, past Dublin Castle, ChristChurch, St. Pats Cathedral, Guinness, Phoenix Park, O'Connell St. (where we saw the Floozy in the Jacuzzi/Bitch in the Ditch/Slut in the Rut) and hopped off there to hit a Burger King for coffee and a pee.

Came out and grabbed the bus just as the downpour hit and the rain came down in sheets. Then saw Trinity College and St. Stephens Green (with the Fag on the Crag/Queer on the Square statue of Oscar Wilde).

Took the Guinness Brewery tour, then walked down to Dublin Castle and went thru that a bit, over to Trinity to see the Book of Kells and "The Long Room" library there and also got a glimpse of the inside of the student union building. Just missed another of those heavy showers.

After that we went down into Temple Bar for "pizza" (not too bad) and "nachos" (tortilla chips). After dinner we went back to Cyberia Cafe and logged in for our 1/2 hour Internet/hotmail fix. Walked back thru the shops (which were starting to close).

We'd called Roisin earlier in the morning, but the bus schedule was against us. So we settled for a nice phone chat instead of a visit. We'd already lost a day with the ferry troubles, so had to skip visiting Waterford too. The night was really gusty windy, so we hope the ferry gets off on time in the morning (Think foreshadowing here).

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